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Money Robot is a pinnacle-excellent linking software that generates splendid hyperlinks from authoritative websites with extremely good metrics. It is likewise the best weblog creator software program that can be used to build and manipulate an infinite quantity of blogs, which makes it perfect for running the most massive of search engine marketing campaigns.

Before I start to talk about how you may make use of a money robot, let’s first speak about the price associated with it. There are two pricing options to select from. The first is a month-long subscription that costs $ sixty-seven and the other one is a single purchase of $497. In the end, it’s miles the high-quality alternative since you’ll have the device for as long as you need. After studying this article If you’re not sure whether this device is suitable for you, I’d advise attempting it first by paying a monthly cost.

Money Robot additionally comes with the option of a free trial for 7 days that I recommend anybody use to advantage of a few hands-on experts of the tool before shopping for any product.

Buy Money Robot Submitter Accounts


Before you start operating with Money Robot you need to make certain that you have an appropriate proxy server in the vicinity. The device comes with default ones that you could utilize, however, for better effects, I’d propose the usage of one of your personal particular ones to be able to enhance the speed that Money Robot will paintings and the quantity of content it’s going to create for you.

To add proxy servers, move toward the S Ettings phase inside the upper proper which opens an additional window in which you may be able to pick from the Proxy tab.

In this section, you can include any non-public proxy that you personally. If you don’t have any, there are many places you may acquire those. I recommend attempting buyproxies.Org. It is viable to paste them right here inside the following format:

Check the container that reads ‘Use my proxy listing’ previous to saving your proxy lists.

Another factor to make sure you have is a captcha breaker.

While Money Robot is growing money owed and filing articles, it’ll stumble upon captcha paperwork. You can perform those manually, however, how lengthy it’ll take may want to take many hours which may be changed with the right software program. This is the device Money Robot recommends, I use a GSA captcha breaker, however, all of them will suffice.

Once you’ve got all your proxies and captcha breakers mounted, it’s time to build your campaign.

Buy Money Robot Submitter Accounts

Creating a Campaign

After youve bought Money Robot the setup procedure is reasonably simple. Once youre carried out, you could open the program and the primary factor to do is to construct your campaign.

Above is a picture of the setup window in which you enter the subsequent information:

  • Target URLs (Money websites)
  • Keywords you’d want to get to the top of the list for
  • The article’s title
  • The content material of the item

The article phase is critical to be successful in a campaign. You’ll need to write several articles and shop them to the ideal folder. Now whilst you arrive at this phase, you must pick out the option that says “load the articles into the folder’. This helps you to put up a whole lot of articles that allow you to save any duplication.

On the right-hand aspect, you’ll also locate a photograph that indicates the strategy for your marketing campaign. Selecting that drop-down above lets you pick out the strategy you’d want to hire consistent with how competitive it’s miles.

These are examples of what Money Robot gives you initially. You can add or dispose of gadgets once you have got made them stay.

As you may see, your money website is situated in the center of all other hyperlink types that surround it, including Internet 2.0s as well as social stocks, bookmarks, and many others. It is additionally well-known shows how the marketing campaign is tied, and from the above photograph, you can see that social stocks and social likes are directed to the website online for cash and there are numerous internet 2. Zero profiles that point to blogs, which is a flip point on the money site.

When you’re happy with the campaigns, it’s time to release it. If you’re undertaking an exceptionally famous campaign, then I’d suggest spreading out the submission over days. There isn’t a definitive answer right here, however, you must let Money Robot regularly broaden links on your website to ensure that you don’t get penalized.

After the mission has been in development, Money Robot will start making net 2. Zero and internet 2. O money owed so that it will observe your website and like it. If you’re conducting a campaign that has responsibilities that require writing, it’ll be using the articles you’ve saved within the folder.

It is also possible to create a brand new project inside the campaign using clicking the “New Task button.

From right here, you could start those obligations by entering every setting as you circulate.

There are numerous additional tabs for money robots, with additional functions:

My Accounts You can get admission to all the debts you’ve made, and you may view get right of entry to the URLs, in addition to the logins as well as passwords.

Social You can manually enter your social media profiles. Money Robot will come up with each day social stocks and stocks from their established and trusted accounts. All you have to do is kind on your social profile URLs.

Video Similar to the social feature in which you enter your YouTube video URLs. Money Robot will come up with real-time perspectives and likes on an ongoing basis.

Traffic The tab for site visitors will permit you to get real-time seek engine visitors on your sites. All you need to do is to enter the URLs, and Money Robot does the rest.

Buy Money Robot Submitter Accounts


Money Robot is one of the best pieces of equipment available to build hyperlinks. I wouldn’t endorse that you depend upon a utility to address all your backlinking. However, while you need that little extra on your websites, Money Robot is the best answer. It is a device that does exactly what it says. It comes with a simple interface to make a great link-constructing template to modify and plenty of the paintings are carried out through the tool. It comes with a preliminary trial duration, I’d strongly advocate that anyone who provides this program strive. There are many options to be had that at a minimum, will be useful resources for the effectiveness of your search engine marketing campaign.

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